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Halloween this year is poised to make a triumphant return to its pre-pandemic glory. A remarkable 73% of consumers are enthusiastic about celebrating, a significant increase from last year’s 69%. The holiday is not just bouncing back; it’s thriving. According to the National Retail Federation, this Halloween season is set to shatter records, with an estimated expenditure of $10.6 billion per person, exceeding last year’s $10.1 billion. Shoppers are getting into the spooky spirit earlier than ever, with nearly half commencing their Halloween preparations in September or even earlier.

In terms of Halloween trends for this year, we’re witnessing a dynamic shift in style and themes. The resurgence of neutral color palettes has taken center stage, replacing the traditional orange and black with a more sophisticated and subdued color scheme. Not-so-spooky elements are becoming increasingly popular, featuring cute ghosts and charming characters, often in pastel palettes, to add a whimsical touch to decorations and costumes. Nostalgia is another driving force, as throwback Halloween inspirations from the 60s to the 90s era infuse a sense of retro fun into the season. Playful jewelry, natural ceramics, and vintage-inspired stationery have also made their mark in Halloween fashion and decor.

As for costumes, the classics still reign supreme. Witches and vampires continue to be the go-to choices. Some new favorites have infiltrated the top 10 costume choices. Notably, the influence of the year’s hottest films and series has propelled Barbie to the number three spot among adult costumes.

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Neutral Color Palettes

This Halloween, the color palette has taken an intriguing turn. Out are the bold oranges and blacks, and in are neutral and sophisticated hues. Expect to see beige, browns, and darker wood tones like mahogany and walnut. These earthy colors create a warm and inviting atmosphere for Halloween decor and fashion. On the other side, there’s a cuter palette with pastel pink, yellow, and orange combined with black, giving a playful twist to the traditional spooky aesthetic.

Not So Spooky

The trend of not-so-spooky Halloween decor and costumes is gaining traction. Cute ghosts, friendly witches, and other endearing Halloween characters are stealing the show. What sets them apart is their pastel color palette, which adds a delightful and whimsical touch to Halloween celebrations. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to embrace the spirit of Halloween without the fright factor.

Throwback Halloween

Nostalgia is in the air this Halloween season, with a strong throwback to the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Expect to see costumes and decor that pay homage to these iconic decades. Think groovy disco-inspired outfits, neon colors, and retro decorations. Bringing back the vintage Halloween vibe adds a touch of retro fun and a sense of nostalgia to the celebrations.

Resin Beads

Jewelry and accessories are becoming a significant part of Halloween fashion. Trends this year will emphasize resin beads, charming accents, and imagery that playfully tap into your inner child.

Handcrafted Ceramics

This year, terracotta, speckled textures, and uneven glazes are popular in ceramics. These natural components and handcrafted aesthetics bring a touch of authenticity to Halloween decorations. Whether it’s vases, candle holders, or figurines, these ceramics add a rustic and cozy element to your Halloween ambiance.

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Vintage Fonts

Indoor parties are becoming more abundant this year, and that’s where paper goods come into play. Bold, clean capital letters and vintage-inspired fonts like chalkboard and typewriter fonts are trending in Halloween stationery. Digital downloads for Halloween prints are on the rise, allowing customers to print at home and decorate their indoor Halloween gatherings with stylish and personalized prints. This trend caters to the need for convenience and customization during the holiday season.

With consumers investing more in decor, fashion, and party supplies, it’s clear that the spirit of Halloween is alive and well. So whether you’re embracing the not-so-spooky theme, decking your home with retro charm, or adding a touch of whimsy with playful jewelry, this Halloween season promises to be a delightful and memorable one.

Kate Ankeny

Kate Ankeny

Operations Manager and Outreach Coordinator