On today’s episode of the Craft Industry Alliance podcast we’re talking about writing technical instructions with my guests Sarah Walworth and Kristina McGrath.

Kristina and Sarah are yarn pattern technical editors, consultants, and coaches in the fiber industry. They have edited over 1000 knitting patterns between them. Since 2020, they have hosted Tech Tip Talk, a monthly broadcast about pattern writing and knitting design, and have written a handbook for knitting designers. They are committed to improving access to industry knowledge, helping designers create patterns that fit every size body well, to fully deliver on the promise to the maker. You can find them at techtiptalk.com

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In this interview, we talk about how Sarah and Kristina met and connected over their mutual interest in building businesses in the yarn industry. We delve into the details of their businesses and discuss their paths to becoming tech editors for knitting patterns. We discuss how the idea for writing a book came about and Sarah and Kristina share how they went about collaborating to write a book together. The process wasn’t always easy and they share some tips for undertaking a complex project like this as a team.

Be sure to check out Kristina and Sarah’s new book, The Knitting Pattern Writing Handbook, available now!

Kristina and Sarah talked about their goals for this book and what they hope it will accomplish for knitting pattern designers. We also discuss why tech editors are vital to the pattern publishing process and what they actually do for designers. We reference Sarah’s community, the Tech Editor Hub, and Kristina’s Substack newsletter, If You Want Happy  Knitters. Sarah and Kristina also have a Patreon community together for Tech Tip Talk. A few months ago, they co-wrote an article for Craft Industry Alliance called 6 Expert Tips for Writing Precise and Effective Patterns

And, of course, I ask Sarah and Kristina to recommend great stuff they’re loving right now. They recommend:

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